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Behind the Beats: How I Organize My Music for Wedding Events

July 7th, 2024 | By Jay Patel (beatsbyjay)

Hello, everyone! It's your man beatsbyjay, and today, I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes of how I meticulously organize music for wedding events. This isn’t just about picking songs; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that resonates with every guest and creates lasting memories.


Crafting the Perfect Weekend: A Look at Niyati & Rachit’s Big Day

Let’s dive into a recent wedding event I handled for the amazing couple, Niyati & Rachit. I’ll show you exactly how I organized their music in my Serato to ensure their big day was nothing short of magical.

When it comes to organizing music, I categorize my tracks based on the types of events the couple will be having and their preferred music vibe. This tailored approach helps me align with their vision and enhances the event’s overall mood. We organize our couples “Must Play” tracks and see how we will incorporate them for the events.


The Art of Music Segmentation

For a dynamic wedding like Niyati and Rachit's, which spanned multiple days with diverse festivities, categorization is key. Here’s how I break it down:

Progressive Tracks: These are for the build-up, creating hype as guests enter or during pre-event moments.

Vibes: Ideal for dinner or downtimes, these tracks aren't meant for the dance floor but provide a pleasant auditory backdrop. This is the best time to drop your remixes, mashups, or anything you want to explore that’s trending that people will like

Fillers: These are crucial for pauses during the event, like during speeches or performances, ensuring there's never an awkward silence. One of the most important categories to have organized & on standby @ all times.

Dancefloor: Reserved for getting everyone up and dancing, these tracks are the heart of any wedding reception. This is the time all of my DJs are waiting to go crazy! You can never have a Dancefloor set organized from start to end but the tracks you have set makes it easier for you to navigate during it so you can go through it without having “Serato Face”


A Weekend Full of Celebrations

For Niyati and Rachit’s wedding, we kicked things off with a Welcome Party, followed by a morning Vidhi/Pithi and Holi event, and a vibrant Sangeet night. The festivities continued with a Baraat and the Wedding ceremony the next day, culminating in a Cocktail event and the Reception at the end of the Weekend filled with fun events.

Each segment of the event had its own vibe, requiring a specific “Jaylist”:

Welcome Party, Sangeet, & Reception: These featured Crates labeled “Vibes, Progressive, & Dancefloor” to match the energy and flow of each occasion.

Fillers: These were universal across all events, chosen based on the day’s schedule and who was taking the stage. Depending on if the Parents/Family go up for a dance, the Best Man or Maid of Honor gives a toast, or the Couple gives a Thank You Speech, each Filler is curated & played at the right times to not only give but continue the effect of what just happened. ( It’s the little things ;)


Seamless Transitions: The Key to Crafting & DJing Extravagant Wedding Experiences

This level of preparation allows me to seamlessly perform and transition through the events, maintaining the perfect vibe and energy from start to finish.

And that’s how we do it the beatsbyjay way! Organizing music for a wedding isn’t just about playing tracks; it’s about creating an experience, an atmosphere, and most importantly, unforgettable memories.

I hope this inside look gives you a better understanding of the art and science behind preparation for DJs for weddings. If you're excited about creating an extraordinary event filled with perfect musical moments, let's chat!

Follow me on Instagram @beatsbyjaynj to see more behind-the-scenes content and updates. Let’s make your special day legendary with beatsbyjay!

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